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Live Concert Photos+Review of Whitechapel, Archspire, Entheos, Sign of The Swarm -House Of Blues-04-25-2023-Tom Sidlauskas

On 4/25/2023, deathcore fans from all over the city of Chicago gathered at the famous House of Blues venue to witness a lineup of some of the most intense and hard-hitting bands in the genre.


The stage was set for an unforgettable evening of heavy music, with Entheos, Signs of the Swarm, Archspire, and the headliner Whitechapel all slated to perform. First up was Entheos, a band known for their unique blend of progressive metal and technical super-group elements. The band took the stage with a fierce energy, immediately captivating the audience with their tight, intricate riffs and Chaney Crabb’s insane vocals.

Their set was a masterclass in precision and complexity, with each member of the band demonstrating incredible skill and musicianship. Their performance was met with enthusiastic cheers and applause from the riled up crowd. Next up was Signs of the Swarm, a band that combines elements of deathcore and black metal to create a sound that is both punishing and atmospheric.

Their set was an unrelenting assault on the senses, with thunderous blast beats, dissonant guitar riffs, and David Simonich’s guttural vocals that seemed to shake the walls of the blue’s venue. The band’s intense bass drops and unwavering intensity left the crowd breathless. Archspire, a technical death metal band from Canada, took the stage next, bringing with them a level of musicianship and technicality that was truly awe-inspiring. Their set was a dizzying display of lightning-fast guitar riffs, intricate drum patterns, and blistering solos that left the audience stunned.

And to top all of that Oli Peters intense vocals left everyone in shock. The band’s tight, precise performance was a testament to their incredible skill and dedication to their craft. Finally, the headliner Whitechapel took the stage, delivering a crushing set of deathcore that left the crowd in a frenzy. The band’s massive sound and brutal vocals thanks to Phil Bozeman, were perfectly complemented by their impressive stage show, which featured dramatic light rays and strobe lights that added to the overall sense of chaos and aggression. Their set was a fitting end to an evening of intense and unforgettable metal music.

Overall, the show at the House of Blues in Chicago was a showcase of some of the most talented and hard-hitting bands in the deathcore genre today. Each band brought something unique to the stage, and the energy and enthusiasm from the crowd was a testament to the power of heavy music bringing people together. The House of Blues proved to be an excellent venue for this kind of event, with great sound and a fantastic atmosphere that added to the overall experience. Deathcore fans in attendance left the show feeling inspired and energized, eager for the next opportunity to see these amazing bands live.