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Oni Press Announces Details For New Issues Of Rick & Morty’, Limited Series Full Release


April 25 — Oni Press is giving fans of Adult Swim’s animated series Rick & Morty series a triple dose of its comic book offshoot this July.

First up, the company will release Rick & MortyHeart of Rickness #1 July 12. The 32-page story is the first in a four-issue limited series from Oni Press. It will retail for $4.99. In Issue #1 Rick gets into some hot water with some aliens after Summer blows his cover in the deal with the extraterrestrial mobsters. In his attempt to get away, he, Summer and Morty end up stranded on an alien world with no way of fixing Rick’s ship.

The trio is captured by primal copies of themselves as they explore the strange world. After being captured, the group learns there is no technology on the world because it has been banned, leading to even more problems to come.

Courtesy: Oni Press
Variant Cover 1 by: Ed Luce
Variant Cover 2 by: Priscilla Tramontano



Courtesy: Oni Press
Cover by: Troy Little

On July 19, the recently completed Rick & Morty limited series, Rick & Morty vs. Cthulu will receive a full pressing in one book. The story followed Rick, Morty, and Summer as they face all kinds of creatures in the Lovecraft dimension, with Rick even being transported to a whole other dimension in the process. Summer and Morty end up fighting one another in the process, too.

Rick & Morty vs. Cthulu will retail for 24.99 and will span a total of 128 pages.



Courtesy: Oni Press
Cover by: Fred C. Stresing

On July 26, Oni Press will release Rick & Morty #7. The latest issue of the main series, which spans 40 pages, brings audiences a whole new story following the events of the first six issues. The war involving the Goldenfolds is seemingly over following the events of Issue #6, but some of the Goldenfolds have escaped Anti Hala, along with Noelle and they are none too happy with Rick. That is because it is his fault they were sent there.

Noelle is also none too pleased with Morty. All of this leads to new questions as a whole new chapter of this story opens.

Rick & Morty #7 will retail for $5.99.

Courtesy: Oni Press
Variant Cover A by: Marc Ellerby
Variant Cover B by: Derek Fridolfs, M. Cody Wiley
Courtesy: Oni Press
Variant Cover C by: Gina Allnatt
Variant Cover D by: Rafer Roberts

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