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Ovtlier Debuts New Single, ‘Heartless,’ Companion Video

April 21 — Independent hard rock band Ovtlier (pronounced Outlier) kicked off the weekend with the premiere of its latest single.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Heartless‘ Friday, along with the song’s video. The new single takes the band in somewhat of a different direction than its existing singles, musically. That is because unlike those songs, it is much more contemplative and brooding in its mood than the anger and energy in the noted existing singles.

Lyrically, the song centers on the impact of toxic relationships, according to front man Joey Arena.

“They say, ‘hurt people, hurt people’,” Arena said. “‘Heartless’ is about ‘toxic’ relationships and the effects it can have on one, not just in the present but will leech on you and wreak havoc in the future. You can become so numb in the process of it all by taking the abuse, whether it be physical, mental or emotional you become that very thing you hate.”

Arena added, “After my experience of this, I shut down emotionally, even more than my childhood trauma. I would be transparent out of the gate and state how deadened I’ve become and that I did not want a relationship or anything to build upon. I refused let anyone in. I could not welcome love. It is a virus that transfers easily.”

The song’s video is a hard-hitting presentation that will require some viewer discretion. That is because of some of the more bloody content featured in the story, which features a woman dismembering the band members in its finale. Up until that point, the band spoofs all of the tropes of being a rock star, what with the plans for making videos, having to make phone calls to celebrities, etc.

The woman in question in the video apparently would seem to be a personification of that toxicity that people carry with them from relationship to relationship if they hold onto it. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

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