MusicRay Alder Premieres New Album’s Third Single

Ray Alder Premieres New Album’s Third Single


May 24 — Fates Warning front man Ray Alder is giving audiences yet another preview of his forthcoming album, II.

Alder premiered the album’s new single, ‘My Oblivion‘, Wednesday. The song is the record’s third single behind ‘Waiting For Some Fun‘ and ‘This Hollow Shell‘. The musical arrangement featured in the band’s new single is a rich, heavy progressive metal composition that audiences will be glad to know stands apart from the work that Alder has helped craft with Fates Warning. The richness of the bass and guitar, and the tight, rich snap from the snare drum show positive results from the song’s production that is certain to make the song all the more engaging and entertaining for audiences.

Alder spoke briefly about the song’s lyrical content in a prepared statement.

“For this song I imagined a sort of anti-hero who is doing what he does best, lay waste to everything in his path,” Alder said. “I guess it’s my homage to action/revenge type movies. I felt the music needed something like this story. Heavy and dark but with an edge…”

II is scheduled for release June 9 through InsideOut Music. The track listing for II is noted below.

RAY ALDER – “II” (51:20)
1. This Hollow Shell (06:02)
2. My Oblivion (04:36)
3. Hands Of Time (06:08)
4. Waiting For Some Sun (04:29)
5. Silence The Enemy (04:41)
6. Keep Wandering (05:51)
7. Those Words I Bled (05:51)
8. Passengers (05:51)
9. Changes (07:45)

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