MusicBear Within Us Premieres New Single, ‘Devil’s Day,’ Companion...

Bear Within Us Premieres New Single, ‘Devil’s Day,’ Companion Video


June 30 — Independent hard rock band Bear Within Us unveiled its new single, ‘Devil’s Day‘ and the song’s companion video this week.

The band debuted the son and its video Friday. The song’s musical arrangement immediately lends itself stylistically and in its sound to early works from the likes of Godsmack. That is evidenced through the heaviness in the song and the specific sound and style of the vocals. The pairing of the vocals and the instrumentation makes that comparison immediately clear.

According to a statement from the band, the song’s lyrical theme is meant to deliver the familiar message of facing and surviving life’s obstacles and adversity. The band called ‘Devil’s Day’ “A song for those or us who tend to feel alone in a world of many. For the ones who refuse to cater to the demands and expectations of society. To the ones who will stand and fight until they physically have nothing left to give, even if it means standing alone.”

The song’s video delivers the noted message in an intriguing fashion, pitting front man Bobby Ruffin against a hoard of zombies (and apparently a zombie, bloodthirsty panda) as the song plays over the visualization.

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