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Gears Debuts New Single, ‘Thanks For The Misery,’ Companion Video


July 21 — Gears debuted another new single this weekend along with its companion video.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘Thanks For The Misery‘ and the song’s companion video Friday. The premiere of the new song and video came roughly two months after the debut of the band’s then latest single, ‘Fix What’s Broken‘ and its companion video.

As with so much of the band’s musical work, this song’s arrangement continues to bear similarity to works from Sevendust. The difference is that in the case of this song, while the Sevendust comparison is there, the band also leans in a more aggro-rock direction, adding to the song’s unique identity.

According to front man Tripp Sixx, the song’s lyrical theme centers on the all too familiar topic of a broken relationship.

“The lyrics express a mix of hurt, frustration, and resilience, capturing the emotional journey of healing and self-reflection,” he said. “The somber yet empowering tone of the song reflects the complex emotions associated with letting go and finding strength amidst heartbreak. Ultimately, it serves as a cathartic anthem for moving forward and embracing personal growth, while acknowledging the lessons learned from the past.”

The video for Gears’ nwe video is a simple presentation. It features Tripp Sixx and his band mates on a very darkly lit sound stage and joins that with a woman dancing in front of the stage’s lone light behind her while the band performs its new single.

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