MusicWilmette Premieres New Album’s Fourth Single, Video

Wilmette Premieres New Album’s Fourth Single, Video


July 20 — Less than a month after debuting its then latest single, Wilmette has given audiences yet another preview of its new album.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘Circa ’99‘ and the song’s companion video Thursday. The song and its video are the fourth from the band’s forthcoming album, Hyperfocused, which is scheduled for release Aug. 4 through Mutant League Records. The band debuted the album’s then latest single, ‘No One Knew‘ and its video late last month. Its premiere was preceded by those of two other singles,  ‘Playing Dead‘ and ‘Hyperfocused.’

The musical arrangement featured in Wilmette’s new single is a familiar style composition. its catchy hooks and choruses immediately lend the song to comparison to works from the likes of Simple Plan, New Found Glory and other pop punk bands of that ilk.

Front man Aaron Hailey had the following to say about the song:

“Everyone loves a bit of cliche nostalgia, which is why we wrote ‘Circa ’99,’” Hailey said. “But the funny part is most of the band was born in 97 so we were really only 3.”

It is unknown if Hailey’s comment is a reference to the song’s lyrical or musical content or both. The lyrics featured with the song’s video hint at someone referencing the positive emotional impact on the song’s subject. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

The video in question is a simple presentation. It features the band in the hulk of what used to be an above ground pool. The only thing left is a walkway surrounding the spot where the pool previously stood. A “Guitar Hero”-esque video game graphic plays along with the song as the band performs.

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