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Cavo Debuts Video For Its Cover Of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’; Releases New Covers EP


Aug. 4 — Independent rock band Cavo released its new covers record, Covers Vol. 1 Friday.

Along with its release, the band also debuted the video for its cover of Crowded House’s 1986 hit single, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over,‘ the latest single from the brand new EP. The video is a simple presentation featuring a woman driving along a winding road somewhere seemingly on the west coast as the sun slowly sets off over the water. The band’s take on the classic song plays over the simple visualization, which also features some footage of the band at work in the studio.

Cavo’s take on Crowded House’s song works well in its attempt to stay true to its source material while also giving the song a somewhat updated sound. That balance of crafting a song that is equal parts past and present influence gives the song a surprisingly welcome light, poppy style and sound that is sure to engage and entertain plenty of audiences.

Guitarist Chris Hobbs talked recently about the addition of the cover to the band’s new EP:

“I’ve always loved this song!,” Hobbs said. “I remember hearing it in one the opening scenes of Stephen Kings The Stand tv series as kid and being captivated. It’s beautiful sounding yet haunting and sad at the same time. I’ve always had it in my head to cover it. Not to change it up or do a different take of it. Wanted to keep to the feel I fell in love with all those years ago.”

Covers Vol. 1 is available now through The Label Group/INgrooves. The record also produced a cover of New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle‘.

The band is already working on its second EP. More information on the band’s work on its new EP, the release of its new EP and all of its latest news is available at: