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Psycho Thunder Tour Asking Alexandria and The Hu Review -09/27/23-Epic Event Center-Green Bay, WI-Photographed by Jeremy Smith

Psycho Thunder tour brings a mix of metal to Epic Event Center in Green Bay WI.


The Psycho Thunder tour consists of dual headliners Asking Alexandria and The Hu. With support from Bad Wolves or Zero 9:36 depending on date. 

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 For the Green Bay show at The Epic Event Center, Zero 9:36 opened up the show at 7:30 pm. Zero 9:36 came out full of energy and I could see they definitely had a good following in the audience. From fans singing along to favorites and a good number of Zero 9:36 shirts in the audience. Matthew Cullen lead vocals for the band was constantly making his way back from side to side of the stage getting the audience charged up for the night. I could tell that the audience favorite was definitely the song “Adrenaline” as many phones came out to record the song, and the energy definitely came to another level.

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 The headliners take turns going first each show, so Asking Alexandria was up next. These guys are outta the UK and are a band that definitely brought things to the next level with an aggressive set. Frontman Danny Worsnop was full of energy along with the rest of the band. Their set brought a good mix of new songs and old Asking Alexandria favorites from the bands fifteen plus year catalog. The crowd was definitely into Asking Alexandria but it took until the final song when Danny Wosnop said he wanted to see the great security up front earn their pay. Then asking the crowd to start crowd surfing, which then got many people up on top of the crowd. Which kept up till the end of the song which didn’t seem to be enough. The fans kept chanting for one more song. Which unfortunately they did not get, since The Hu were yet to come on. Asking Alexandria’s set was definitely worth seeing and glad to have finally had the chance to see these guys live.

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 Next up was something totally different, The Hu a band out of Mongolia. The Hu sings in the Mongolian language for all of their songs, and are known as the founders of the Hunnu Rock genre. Now I wasn’t really sure how I was gonna like this band. I never really listened to them, but I have heard parts of songs and never really got into them. But wow, I must say this band totally took me by surprise. I absolutely loved the while set. These guys have such a great stage presence and the sound is absolutely amazing. Mixing in traditional Mongolian instruments and Mongolian throat singing with rock is so different and so fresh sounding over the usual bands that tend to just kind of sound alike. They even did two covers of Metallica songs, including “Through The Never” and ending the show with an encore playing “Sad But True”. Both sang in Mongolian. The Hus lead singer had a fan on him with his long hair blowing back. He played a wooden native flute for a couple songs also. His energy along with the rest of the band definitely reverberated through the crowd. Watching this band play and the audience’s reaction showed that language doesn’t matter the music translates through any crowd. The audience was definitely loving The Hu’s set and totally into them. This show left me and everyone else wanting more. It also left me wanting to listen to them after the show. So I went out and bought The Hu’s latest album “Rumble of Thunder” on vinyl the next day and love it. Definitely a band to check out for something totally different and if you have the opportunity to see this Psycho Thunder tour. I totally recommend it, a great lineup for a awesome night out!


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