A Killer’s Confession Front Man Waylon Discusses His Band’s Tour, New Album In New Interview

Courtesy: Wake Up! Music Rocks

A Killer’s Confession released its latest single, ‘Tell Your Soul’ recently. The single features the band working with Chad Gray (Hellyeah, Mudvayne) and Sahaj Ticotin (RA). Its release came amid AKC’s tour with Gemini Syndrome. Front man Waylon Reavis took some time out of his busy schedule recently to talk with this writer about the band’s forthcoming album, life on the road in more. The whole interview is available to read below.

PS: The past year or so has been really eventful for you and your band.  Between all of the new singles that you all have released – the latest scheduled for release this week – a new album on the way, and all of the touring, you’ve clearly had plenty on your plate so to speak.  So how have you balanced it all?  On the surface, it sure seems like so much to handle.  So talk to me about how you’ve handled it all.

WR: Honestly my wife Julie runs everything and my manager Jerome. Julie and I plan everything out for tours and we balance each other. With my team around me from FMM, OneRPM and Wake up! music Rocks record label I am blessed.

PS: Speaking of your latest single, I got the press release for your next single, ‘Tell Your Soul,’ along with plenty of other writers.  I’m sure you’ve answered this question plenty of times and then some, but for my readers, talk to me if you will about how the partnership with Chad Gray and Sahaj Ticotin about.  I know Sahaj’s band, Ra, is label mate to A Killer’s Confession, so I’d assume that that played into bringing him on board.  So, what about Chad’s inclusion in the song?

WR: I have been working with Sahaj for five years now. He has become a brother to me. He has wrote with me over 9 songs now. He truly has been a blessing in my life and career. I actually am the Head A&R along side my wife Julie and CEO Pepper Gomez of Wake Up! music Rocks. I brought RA to the table over a year and a half ago knowing I wanted to sign his amazing new album Intercorrupted. My best friend Aimee is very close to Chad. That is how we started talking about creating ‘Tell Your Soul.’ We actually wrote a heavier song at first but it just didn’t make the cut. I called Sahaj and asked if he could help us on this one. Man did he write and produce an amazing song. I remember when I first heard it it made my hair stand up. My lyrics just flowed so fast I wrote them in 15 minutes. Sahaj flew out to Vegas to record Chad and it all fell into place. Chad and I flew to Texas to record the video with the very talented Wombat Fire. We had a great time putting all this together.

PS: I’m going to digress a little here, but knowing Chad and Sahaj are probably good friends of yours, the announcement of Mudvayne reuniting this year was a big deal.  What are your favorite songs/albums from Mudvayne and Ra?  What about Hellyeah?  Do you have any favorites there?  From your time working with Chad on your new single, was there any discussion on whether Hellyeah will make another album?

WR: I would like to pass..

PS: Changing gears and moving to the topic of all of your live shows, you guys are busy on the road with Gemini Syndrome. How has it been for you and your band mates being back on the road after live music was shut down for such a long time last year?  Was it second nature for you all or did you feel more like you had to readjust to it?

WR: It just comes natural. We love being on the road playing shows every night. The crowds and fans have been amazing. it’s like riding a bicycle you just have to get back on

PS: On a related topic, a lot of acts ended up resorting to using livestream shows behind pay walls during the live music shutdown.  Is that something that A Killer’s Confession ever considered?  What is your thought on livestreaming versus actually being on stage?  It seems like it would be a completely different world.  So talk to me about that.

WR: I refused to do it. It’s just not the same in anyway. I waited out the storm….

PS: Staying on the band’s live schedule, A Killer’s Confession is also scheduled to perform at Metal in the Mountains this year.  It was canceled last year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.  There is a wide array of bands on this year’s bill.  They range from the up-and-coming to more well-known acts, such as yourselves.  Which band(s) are you looking forward to seeing at the festival while you’re not performing?

WR: We are headlining Central Florida Metal Fest, playing Metal in the Mountains and Inkcarceration this year. I’m stoked to see Mudvayne of course! Slipknot. RA, Rob Zombie. Motionless in white. Butcher babies. Attila. Man I’m just excited to see them ALL! Live music hits the soul

PS: Getting back on a lighter note and bringing things full circle here, I’ve got one last question for you.  Thank you, by the way, for taking the time to respond to my questions.  It really is appreciated.  With all of the new music that A Killer’s Confession has released since January of this year, what is the status of the band’s new album?  Word is that the singles that you’ve released are expected for inclusion in the band’s latest album.  So what is the status on the album’s progress?  When can fans expect its release?

WR: Thank you for having me! I will be dropping another single at the end of October and then the full album will release with 13 songs. I will then print limited CD and Vinyl to sell at my shows and start releasing my fourth album!

Thank you again so much for your time, Waylon.  Good luck with all of the upcoming live dates, and I like the rest of your fans, am anxiously awaiting the release of that new album.

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