Allen Epley Premieres Video For Debut Solo Album’s Lead Single

Courtesy: Spartan Records

Jan. 2 — Ellen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times) is scheduled to release his debut solo album, Everything Friday through Spartan Records.

In anticipation of the record’s release, Epley premiered the video for the album’s lead single, ‘The EMT‘ over the weekend. The video’s premiere came two weeks after Epley premiered the single by itself.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘The EMT’ is almost a sort of shoegazer style composition. In a unique way, the song actually hints at influence from Pink Floyd, what with the melancholy mood that it sets. At the same time there is a certain almost dreamy feeling to the song, too. The contrast of those two vibes makes the song unique in its own right.

The song’s lyrical content helps make its musical content make more sense. As Epley explains himself, the song’s lyrical content, the lyrical content tells its own intriguing story.

“‘The EMT’ is a story about a flight paramedic who has a crush on someone from his town that he’s never met,” Epley said. “He’s been content to just live in that world until one evening fate intervenes and his crush ends up in a near-fatal car wreck. As he arrives on the scene he realizes who the victim is and instead of being distraught by his discovery of who she is, he’s delighted that he’s able to finally help her and be with her and hold her hand like he’s always dreamed of.”

The video for ‘The EMT’ is its own unique presentation. It features what looks like vintage footage of people working in a grocery store from ages gone by, waves crashing on a beach and people surfing on those waves. Visual effects added to the mix make for even more interest.

The track listing for Everything is noted below:

‘Everything’ Track List

Thousand Yard Stare


Spider Rico



Deader Than Dead

All Good Things

I’m The One

The Lucid Dream

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