Alternative band “Just 4 Tonight” releases fresh new track “The Deep End” and you need to hear it


A New England based up-and-coming alternative band has just released their new song “The Deep End”. In regards to their latest release they said “This song wrote itself; in a wave of inspiration during some very dark times. It’s very gloomy but has a hopeful twist and begs some of the most fundamental and existential questions we all face as humans.

It has a very moody atmosphere, glued together by soulful strumming guitars and carried by a steady hip-hop beat. The vocals are a bit raspy but melodic with an heir of desperation behind them with catch phrases like “I’m already dead” and “Now I know it’s all in my head”. They currently have three other songs out and two music videos, however their latest song definitely showcases their musical diversity, as it is very different in a lot of ways from their previous songs.

However there are enough similarities to be able to tell that it’s still the same group. Be sure to take a look at their music video for “Awkward” as well as “She’s Burning Pictures Of Me” which have together amassed around 850 thousand views so far on YouTube and keep an eye on them to see what they do next as they are just getting started!


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