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Anonymous UK based metalcore band ChuggaBoom return with new EP ‘Trinity’ which is set for release on October 31st 2018

“The Greatest Metalcore Band in the World™” are back at it again.

Communicating solely through binary chugs composed by tabulating rude phrases translated from Morse code. The masked quintet have been ordered by The ChuggLord to present you with another offering of (arguably) original material in the form of a 6 track EP entitled “Trinity”.

After trialling the new songs across the UK, to sold-out 15 capacity venues, it has been deemed the perfect time to deliver this offering to their beloved customers.

“Trinity” touches on real life, relatable themes such as: infiltrating the Illuminati, tips on dealing with inappropriate arousal, coping with the tribulations of growing up and, more contentiously, the band’s long standing beef with electronics giant Sony.

With “Kevin” reaching the end of its shelf life and “Zodiac Arrest” so far past its use-by date that the band recently received a one-star food and hygiene rating from the Environmental Standards Agency, Chuggalos from around the world have been anticipating this release with excitement which can only be described as “quite excited”.

Mastered by the extremely talented Joel Wanasek (Machine Head, blessthefall, Attila) – “Trinity” is guaranteed to be aurally pleasing, if nothing else.

So pin back your ears, lower your expectations and prepare yourself for the most anticipated ChuggaBoom release of 2018.


“Growing Pains is our new smash hit super ballad that details the struggles of growing up in a world that wants to reject you, your choices and your way of life. It brings hope to the hopeless and faith to the disenchanted!”      – Levi Taurus


Band Members 
Levi Taurus – Vocals
John Virgo – Guitar
Leo Carter – Guitar
Avira Caprica – Bass
Castor Holland – Drums

Track Listing

1. Phony
2. Growing Pains
3. Awkward Erections
4. The Song That Saved Your Life
5. Illumiparty
6. Whats The Time!?


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