Arty-Interview-04/28/17-Columbus,Ohio with Pics

Kyle: Hello, everyone! I’m pleased to introduce you to Arty. Arty, how are you doing tonight?

Arty: I’m good. How are you?

Kyle: Good. You just recently killed your Ultra Miami set located in sunny Miami, Florida on the State of Trance Stage. How was that experience in your career and was this the first time you performed at Ultra Music Festival?

Arty: It was great. I really enjoyed it and there were a lot of efforts behind the DJ set as well because I was not a very social performer, but that was my first performance under Alpha 9. I was a bit nervous, for sure. I didn’t know what direction the beat was going to be. But it turned out pretty great.

Kyle: Tell us about your main project, Arty.

Arty: My Main Project ARTY taken us a completely different direction. It goes towards pop music, indie music, and different things. It’s not going to be focused house or progressive house as it was before. It’s just going to be all over the place. We’ll see where it’s going to end up.

Kyle: We’ve recently noticed there has been a new side project that has popped up called “Alpha 9.” What is that?

Arty: That’s my trance side project, trance and progressive house music. That’s what I told you about, that Ultra performance. That was the First Performance for this side project. It went great.

Kyle: So, this one is going to be a little bit longer. Describe the backstory on how you got into the EDM scene.

Arty: I got into the EDM scene pretty much because of my friends. I met a bunch of the people when I was probably like twelve, thirteen years old. Before that, I would listen to some stuff like Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. I met these guys and they were like, “Well, we can show you something even cooler than that.” That’s how I ended up listening to Tribal House when I was like thirteen years old and I was blown away by club underground music. Because I was in musical school as well for seven years and had finished musical school, I started basically messing around with a bunch of sequencers and stuff. I think probably by the time I got to university the first few years I really started to focus on music a lot. I signed my first bunch of the tracks through trace record labels. That’s how it begins pretty much.

Kyle: So, I’ve got a couple fan questions for you. One of them, she asked, “Over the years you have been in the EDM scene, your hair has changed hairstyles and color. Tell us a little bit about that.”

Arty: I don’t know. Just feeling like that. I was wearing my original color for what, like twenty-six years? Sometimes you just look at yourself and go, “It’s time for a difference.” I decided to try out something new. I never wore long hair, so now that’s my goal.

Kyle: That’s what you’ve been doing lately.

Arty. That’s what I’ve been doing lately, yeah. That’s what I’m doing for now.

Kyle: This is the last fan question. In a recent picture, our fans pointed out to us a trend that we were not aware of.

Arty: What is that?

Kyle: Is there a special meaning behind the ear piercing you have with a cross?

Arty: Yes. Basically, when I pierced my ear, we were on tour in Australia. I just decided to do that for some reason. When I got back home, my mom was like, “That looks cool, but it’s kind of a waste of your body. Let’s make it meaningful for you.” They got me this cross effect which is part of my religion because I’m Christian. That’s all basically my mom was making me wear it and I love it.

Kyle: How long have you had it now?

Arty: Like eight, nine months?

Kyle: That’s not long.

Arty: That’s not that long.

Kyle: You probably don’t even realize it’s there anymore.

Arty: No, not really.

Kyle: So, tell us about the famous Echostage you rave about.

Arty: Echostage is a venue in Washington, D.C. I think. It was my third venue in North America. The setup is just amazing. Every time I’ve played there, the crowd is just incredible. I have a lot of friends in D.C. who are always going to the shows, like a lot of hockey players from the Washington Capitals who are always my friends and go into the shows and support me. That’s how I met them. That’s how we became friends. There is a lot of meaning to Washington, D.C. itself and the venue itself. I think it’s one of the best crowds in North America for me, personally.

Kyle: We understand that you’re a fan of Guns & Roses.

Arty: I am, a little bit.

Kyle: How do you select vocalists for your tracks?

Arty: It depends on the topline. It depends on the song. If we write some certain songs, like when we have the vocal sessions and I’m working with the songwriters and new topline. We try to figure out what direction the track is going to take sonically. When the production from my side is done, after we try to find out who is going to cut it and is more appealing to this record. Who is just going to execute the idea behind the lyrics? That’s my main point of going to certain vocalists.

Kyle: We recently came across a radio station called “Together FM.” Describe to us what this radio station is about.

Arty: It’s not really a radio station. It’s more of a radio show or syndication companies plug into the different radio stations. It all began with the first iteration of this radio show called “Together We Are.” After we did the branding that went into Together FM. Around the world it’s syndicated with a lot of FM worldwide radio stations and SiriusXM, France, South America, Australia, and a bunch of other things. I think for me it’s a platform to just share music with my fans that they wouldn’t hear me play live.

Kyle: What are some of the festival EDM shows that have made memorable moments in your EDM career?

Arty: A lot of them. There have been a lot of shows that I really enjoy. The EDC always was great. The Ultra this year was amazing. Even the small shows with three, four-hundred people capacity can be extremely memorable.

Kyle: What has gained your interest to come back to Columbus several times and perform in Columbus?

Arty: It’s a great city and promoters want to see me here. Why not?

Kyle: Just recently, you dropped a new song, “Falling Down,” with Maty Noyes. Tell us a little bit about behind the scenes and made that banger track.

Arty: I wouldn’t say it’s particularly banger compared to my older releases. But I got the topline from the Maty Noyes team back in June. I’ve been working on the track probably for like three or four months, just trying to find the right direction for this track. It was going back and forth. When I was done with it, it was like I couldn’t find a place in my release schedules because it was not reflective to any other releases I had back then. When we came up with the idea, like separating Arty and Alpha 9, that Arty goes into more of a pop direction and Alpha 9 stays to the original trance music. I think that was a perfect release to start with.

Kyle: How can your fans find your latest music?

Arty: Spotify, iTunes, Social Media, Twitter, Instagram… it’s there!

Kyle: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and get to know Arty.

Arty: Thanks, man. I appreciate that.

Kyle: Thank you.

Arty: Awesome, thank you.


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