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Bayside-A&R Music Bar-Columbus,Ohio-November 8th,2019-Photographed By Adam Sines

Music lovers of all ages came out in droves Friday evening in Columbus, Ohio. Braving the chilly weather they were excited for Bayside, who was set to perform to a sold out house at the A & R Bar that night. Fresh off of their newest release Interrobang, this was the 3rd stop on the bands tour. Sincere Engineer, who was 1 of the 29 bands who won a battle of the bands contest that Bayside ran back in early fall was one of the opening acts. From the very moment the lights came on and Bayside took the stage the fans did not stop. Everything a punk rock band could of asked and hoped for from a crowd they got, stage diving – check, crowd surfing – check, dancing and singing along to each song – check.
From the smiles on the faces of band you could tell not only were they impressed but equally blown away from the energy the crowd brought. You could tell that these fans had been eagerly waiting for the return of Bayside. The band stopped in between each song talking to the fans and thanking each of them for dancing and singing along but also challenging them to do better than they did the last song. Challenge accepted, the fans answered back giving the band 110 percent of their energy and at times singing so loud it was actually hard to hear the band playing.
Ive been a fan of Bayside since seeing them on Warped Tour 2004 and picking up Sirens and Condolences. I have seen them many times and I have to say this is the most fun I have had watching them. From the small intimate venue to the energy of the fans and the band. I cant speak for the other cities but if the rest of the tour is anything like the Columbus stop then this is a tour not to be missed!
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