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Bethel Road Pub Closes its doors

Bethel Road pub is coming to a close After it was announced that they are shuttering the doors after helping the rock/metal local scene put on shows for the Masses. 

It will be a devastating blow to the local scene With another venue shuttering it’s door to the local music scene. 

Hopefully one day we can find a venue that will fill the void. 

Below is some testimonials from different people in the local music scene from fans and bands. 


“Official Statement from Bethel Road Pub”

It is with mixed feelings we announce that Bethel Road Pub has been sold to a new owner and will no longer operate under the Bethel Road Pub name. The new owners have decided on a different direction and will close and reopen with a new bar. Thank you to everyone for your service and patronage throughout the years.

-Bethel Road Pub Management

Tim Buchenroth- Artist Manager 
Bethel Road pub always had a good solid staff, laidback and helpful – for promoters and bands alike, the club organically became a hidden rock club gem over the last few years. It will be missed. 


Anthony Brown-A Scared Existence

BRP was such a laid back venue we loved it. We only played there once but the atmosphere was ridiculous. Everyone always treated other with kindness and respect. Amanda & staff were always on point service was second to none. As a band we’ll miss the Stage but as a patron it won’t be replaced, it will always hold a special place to me as I’ve built some amazing relationships there.


Amanda Van Heyningen

I can not tell you guys how much your post and texts have meant to me. 
To say that I am sad is the understatement of the century. I haven’t stopped crying. I loved what I did and getting to work with all of you. I am hurt, sad, angry, and so many other things. And it hasn’t helped seeing some of the negative posts. I did the best I could with what I had. I treated everyone how I would want to be treated and tried to make the place feel like home. 
This is what I know. Bethel Road Pub was sold to a new owner who plans on doing their own vision with their own staff. They plan on having live music, but it will not include hip hop, heavy metal, or anything that made the place what it is now. I apologize to all of the bands and promoters that had their shows canceled. This is never how I would have handle it and it is completely out of my hands.
I have more to say, but this is enough for now.
Thank you again for all of your love and support. While Bethel Road Pub is no more, that doesn’t mean this is goodbye. I will still be out at shows and may actually get to see some of these kick ass Saturday shows coming up!


Mike Corley

It is a sad day in the local rock/metal scene here in Columbus. The beloved Bethel Road Pub has been closed & appears it will not continue in the same capacity once reopened under new ownership & a new crew of staff. It’s a place that will be missed along with seeing the great staff during shows. AmandaTravisBrenton, & the rest of the crew has been the best crew in town!

Now we must find a new place to call home, but for sure no other place will replace BRP!

Jay Coughlin

Just wanna say thank you to Amanda Van Heyningen Travis Hawkins Ryan Cull and the rest of the staff of Bethel Road Pub for giving this music community a place to call home for the past few years. When I first started booking shows there 3 years ago it was a sports bar that let me help mold it into a great place for rock and metal. To melt faces with a great stage, sound and lighting. Not to mention one of the best drum risers I’ve ever had the privilege of playing on. Thank you all so much. This place will be missed and you guys all did a great job making it what it was. Bands, friends, fans and family! All of us will never forget the great times that started at BRP!!


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