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Bravo Delta Debuts ‘Living Colour’ Cover

July 31 — Independent hard rock band Bravo Delta unveiled its cover of Living Colour’s hit single, ‘Cult of Personality‘ this week.

The band premiered its take on the timeless tune Friday. The premiere comes a year after the band premiered its then latest single, ‘The One.’ According to information from the band, the song’s premiere marks the first time that it has covered another act’s music for a single.

The band said in a prepared statement, that the decision to take on the song was not made lightly, adding that te band has the utmost respect for Living Colour and the band’s timeless classic.

“Every one of us in this band have been huge fans of Living Colour,” the statement reads. “Those guys, the musicianship…some of the best. But this song, the message and meaning is what resonates with us. Thought-provoking content has always been important in our band, so this song was a perfect fit for us to cover. “Only you can set you free” are lyrics that mean just as much today as they did in 1988 with the influence of reality tv and social media in our culture.“

Bravo Delta’s take on ‘Cult of Personality’ stays largely true to the source material. The main difference between the original and Bravo Delta’s take is subtle. It is in the song’s general production in regards to the guitar and vocals. The sound in the guitars in the original is more “open” for lack of better wording. By comparison, the approach used here both in the performance and production makes the notes more staccato and less airy in their sound. It is a difference that is only caught through a close listen. Regardless, Delta Bravo’s take on ‘Cult of Personality’ is just as engaging and entertaining as the original.

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