Breaking In A Sequence Debuts New Single, ‘Twine,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: CowgirlZen Entertainment

Nov. 3 — Independent hard rock band Breaking In A Sequence premiered its latest single and video last month.

The band, which counts former Korn drummer David Silveria as one of its members, debuted its new single, ‘Twine‘ and the song’s companion video Oct. 25 through

‘Twine’ is the BIAS’ first new music since the release of the band’s debut EP, Acronym in January. The song is not featured in that record, which produced the singles, ‘Pity,’ ‘Change Your Mind,’ ‘Hesitation,’ and ‘Anything But Right.’

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Twine’ is a heavy, aggro-rock style composition. Its guitar-driven presentation and the vocal delivery sound and style from front man Rich Nguyen immediately lends the arrangement to comparison to works from Korn, interestingly enough. At points in the song, Nguyen’s vocals even eerily resemble those of Korn front man Jonathan Davis.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video. Looking at the lyrics provided with the song’s video, listeners are left to infer that the song’s lyrical theme is a discussion on the familiar topic of addiction to a point. The chorus’ mention of “Why won’t you listen/You’re unraveling/Aren’t you sick of repeating/All the same old things?” seems to hint at someone getting frustrated at someone who maybe is fighting some very bad habits, but who apparently does not seem to really want to break that cycle. It is all certain to generate plenty of discussion.

The video for ‘Twine’ is a very unique presentation with explosions, someone sitting in a corner alone, and more. The band addressed the song’s video in a prepared statement, saying, “Upon first viewing of his [director Clint Collins’] work, it just looks like a bunch of random visualizations, but upon further viewing, there is a story being told; its meaning is subjective to the viewer.”

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