Chaidura Debuts Updated Take Of 2022 Single, ‘Night Forever,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: UAC Management

Jan. 9 — Pop rock artist Chaidura closed out the old year with the debut of a remixed version of his latest single, ‘Night Forever.’

The single-name singer debuted the updated take of the song late last month. In comparison to the original version, which was released in early 2022 along with a companion video, the updated take is quite subdued. Instead of the energetic pop rock approach of the original song, the new take — which is subtitled ‘Dream Version — finds the singer performing the song in a semi-acoustic presentation.

Chaidura had the following to say about the updated take of the song.

“This stripped down version is actually “Night Forever”, at its core. I wanted to express that raw feeling to listeners.” he said“This version is meant to show the vulnerable side of Chaidura, while still including the same emotions as my other songs, I hope you like it and it makes you feel something”.

The video for the new updated take of the song finds Chaidura, looking decidedly androgenous, — complete with long hair, lipstick and earrings along with a three-piece suit — walking through a forest as he plays guitar and performs the toned down take of the song. Whether his androgenous appearance is intended to deliver a message is anyone’s guess. No information about the video’s presentation is included in a news release announcing the debut of the song and its video.

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