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Clutch Debuts New Single, ‘Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone),’ Companion Video

April 5 — Clutch premiered its latest single and video this week as it continues its tour.

The band unveiled its new single, ‘Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)‘ Tuesday, along with the song’s video. The song features a driving, rich arrangement that the band’s established audiences will find familiar. All of the fuzz and heaviness of Clutch’s catalog is there in the arrangement, yet the composition still boasts its own identity separate from the band’s existing work.

Drummer Jean Paul Gaster talked about the song’s arrangement.

“‘Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)’ is one of the faster cuts on our forthcoming album,” he said. “It kicks in and hits like a freight train. The intensity of the recording reminds me of our live shows. This song cooks and I can’t wait to play it on tour!”

Front man Neil Fallon offered the following about the song’s unique lyrical content and how it ties in to the song’s video.

“Early in 2021, I learned the Boss Metal Zone pedal schematic was being presented as “proof” that the Covid-19 vaccine had an electronic component to communicate with 5G cellular networks,” Fallon said. “It was, of course, nonsense. It sounded like a Philip K. Dick premise. I didn’t want to write a song specific to Covid-19 vaccines, so I went with the Philip K. Dick angle (again). “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” came to mind (replicants, in particular, representing what is real and not real, or is there a difference at all?). The video makes no secret that this is an homage to Philip K. Dick and a future where we have distortion coursing through our veins.”

The video finds the band performing its new single in a closed studio setting while a unique futuristic world is presented around the group. The band’s label, Weathermaker Records, serves as the backdrop for most of the sci-fi story featured in the video.

Clutch is in the midst of a global tour. Dates for the tour are available here along with tickets.

More information on Clutch’s new single, video, and tour is available online along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:





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