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Detention-Forever Unknown-The Reed Weeps-Including Interview of Detention-Big Room Bar-02-12-2022-Columbus-Ohio


Detention Interview

MRM: Hello, Detention. Thanks for taking the time to chat with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine. Thank you, Kyle.

 How are you guys doing?

Detention: Thanks For Having us. 

 How are you doing: I am doing good guys. 

MRM: Please introduce the Band Members of Detention.

Detention: I’m Elliot. I’m the vocalist.

 I’m Evan, I play guitar. 

 I’m Luke I am the Drummer.

 I’m Fritz. I play bass. 

MRM: What is the meaning behind Detention of naming the band name?

Detention: Years ago. So I’m a freshman in College. Now, back when I was in seventh grade and the Band originally formed, We played a lot of. Black Sabbath, Which actually I’m wearing Black Sabbath shirt. Now we’re saying we played music like that. And I was like, oh, we’re such rebels. We’re going to get so much detention.

We’re edgy. Yeah, I was like 12 at the time we never changed it. It was just like, that’s what we are. Stick, Stick. 

MRM: Recently you released Patchwork EP.

What was the inspiration behind creating this Album during the Pandemic?

Detention: I mean, it’s six songs in chronological order that were Recorded over the span from 2018 to 2020.

So we kind of like Patchwork them together. And I mean, I had the idea for the cover. She and I went to like Thrift Stores and got a bunch of shirts and cut them up to sew them together and put our patch in the middle. Just basically where it came from. Cause they’re all from different places and different times in our band career.

MRM: What has been your favorite place to play at so far? 

Probably the Grog Shop, honestly, like when you pack that place, It is so much fun and the stage is really great. And the sound is always fantastic. There, we always have a really good  time playing at the guard shop. Absolutely. It’s a really good intimate venue.

That’s all I love to play is S smaller club shows. Like it’s a perfect place for that. Oh, it’s in, it’s in Cleveland. Oh yeah. Cleveland Heights. My favorite place was probably the Whiskey, A Go-Go in Los Angeles. That was like, I don’t know, two and a half years ago. Right. So kind of a while ago.

Detention: I dunno, that was just really cool. It’s a really like historical place, like everybody’s played there and yeah, that was just a really cool experience. Yeah. I’d have to agree. The Whiskey Go-Go was definitely my favorite. It’s just really cool to see all the history there and just to know, like when you’re on that stage, who else has played there, but also it’s just a cool place in general.

What are upcoming Shows or Festivals you guys playing on? 

We’re playing at the WonderStruck Festival in Cleveland. The WonderBus Festival in Columbus and the WonderRoad Festival in Indianapolis, I guess right now, I guess we’re taking a break from shows to record more music and just finish a project.

The only one that we have coming up right now that is already scheduled is at the end of March at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And we’re going to be, doing a Showcase at the Finals of the High School Rock Off, which we won. Two years ago, Two years ago in 2020, we won that. So they’re having us back to play showcase 

MRM: Being from Akron Ohio, how has the Music Scene compared to Columbus and Cleveland? 

Detention: I don’t know. I mean, we haven’t really been around Columbus that much. I feel like the Akron and Cleveland scene is kind of mixed together. We’ve met a lot of great bands from Columbus though. And I think the music scene down here is awesome. I love it.

We would Love to come back.

MRM: What are the band’s favorite songs from the new [00:04:00] album and why? 

Detention: Oh, like the new EP or, like what we have written coming up. Okay. So current EP.. I think mine might be Not to Go just because I have such a fun time singing it. Like, I really love the Emotion and, that I get to put in that song and the stuff I get to do with my voice when we play it.

And it’s also like a more Scar Sound and I really like Scott and I just think it kind of like stands out from some of the other stuff on there. Yeah. I think my favorite would have to be Dead Malls because I think it’s a nice variation of the flavor of punk that we play. And it’s a fun time. There’s a lot of interesting guitar parts and it gets the people moving.

 I agree with Evan. Dead Malls is definitely my favorite on that EP. It’s just a really fun song to play. And I love like the, yeah, it was like the, the breakdowns that we have in it are so cool. And Yeah I have to agree with both of them. Too Dead Malls is my favorite because it has such a range.

It goes from really heavy to [00:05:00] really broken down and peaceful, but it’s got everything in between. It’s also. A more complex song to play, but not too much just to the point where it, it just makes it a little bit interesting.

MRM: Where can fans you out on social media and listen to your music at? on Instagram?

Facebook. We got a Spotify, but on Spotify were just Detention, Everything else, including our Website is Detention. 

Detention: Before we wrap up the interview, what would you like people to know about Akron? Yeah,

Not just rubber comes from Akron and lots of other stuff comes from Akron, including cool bands like Divo and also Detention and also The Black Keys. Yeah, The Pretenders  too. 

Thanks for the Detention for taking the time to chat with Mayhem, Rockstar Magazine, have a safe trip back home after the show tonight.

Forever Unknown

The Reedy Weeps


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