Disconnected Souls Debuts New Single, ‘Dissonant Whispers’

Courtesy: C Squared PR

Jan. 4 — Independent metal band Disconnected Souls debuted its new single, ‘Dissonant Whispers’ this week.

The band debuted the single, which reaches back to the sessions for its 2021 EP, Warning Elements, Monday.  The song’s musical arrangement is a unique that immediately exhibits influence from the likes of Epica and Mushroomhead.  That is evidenced in its symphonic instrumentation and contrast of its growling male vocals and more gentle singing.  Audiences could even argue that there is an influence of Evergrey in this single, too.

According to information provided about the new single, its lyrical theme blends references to magic and matters of the mind.

Vocalist Simon Fletcher talked about the band’s new single in a prepared statement.

“I’m delighted to share our new conceptual piece, “Dissonant Whispers” with you!,” Fletcher said. “The origins of this track date back to prior to the completion of our Warring Elements EP, so this has been gently stewing in the background for a while. It’s been nice to have a slower paced approach, contrasting some of our tracks that have been completed in only a few months!

Fletcher added, “I think this is noticeable in the careful crafting of both the orchestral parts and the textural FX layers. There are a lot of undulating parts which contribute to the wide dynamics – all with the aim of taking you on an emotional rollercoaster; as always, we intend to really make an experience for the listener.  So, what are you waiting for? Come and take a spiritual voyage with us into an ethereal realm…”

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