Photo Credit: Alan Ballard

Dutch Town’s Residents Get “Ringing” Tribute To Motorhead

Aug. 10 — Residents in the Dutch town of Weert received a unique surprise last month during the town’s annual Torenfestival.

Local guitarist Jitse Zonnefeld joined bell-ringer Frank Steijns for a unique performance of Motorhead’s timeless classic ‘Ace of Spades’ at the July 17 festival. The performance featured Zonnefeld on guitar, paying full homage to the song and band while Steijns accompanied him, ringing out the accompaniment on the bells in one of the town’s bell towers.

The performance was initially met with surprise by festival attendees. That is visible in the video available here. By the performance’s end though, the cheers and applause from below sounded just as loudly as the bells during the performance.

It should be noted that Steijns’ day job is with Andre Rieu’s Johan Strauss Orchestra.

Anyone wanting more Motorhead have plenty from which to choose. Two archived live performances, one an extensive box set, have been released this year. They are the expansive re-issue of No Sleep Til Hammersmith and Louder than Noise … Live in Berlin.

More information on the new ‘Ace of Spades’ cover and Motorhead’s new live recordings is available along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:




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