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Everyone Loves A Villain Storms onto the Scene with Debut Single “Eater of Worlds.”

Everyone Loves A Villain is an aggressive and cinematic rock band comprised of known and respected members of the Pacific Northwest music scene. The group has shaped up to be one of those uncommon situations where the collective vibe is realized in large part due to the strong individual identities of its members. ELAV is built upon pillars of raw talent, vision, and dedication to the craft. The magic these musicians create is based in simply being who they are. ELAV is lead guitarist George Silva (Eclipse recording artists’ Five Foot Thick), guitarist Dylan Harris (Lucid), vocalist Chris McCoy (Oceans Divide), bassist Joel Hiatt and drummer Steve Ellis (The Fail Safe Project), and media/programming wiz Jimmy Hill (Amplified Wax Recording Studio).

Now that you have a little bit of a background about these guys, let me get straight to the good stuff. Now I am slightly biased when it comes to these guys… and I mean only slightly. I am already familiar with the absolute powerhouse of a vocalist Chris McCoy is since I have been (still am actually) a long-time fan of Oceans Divide. So, when the message popped up in our inbox, I was all over it before anyone else could have a chance to read it.

ELAV just dropped their first official single titled “Eater of Worlds” which I am assuming will be part of an upcoming/unannounced album. I had a chance to get some details about the track from lead vocalist Chris.

“When it comes to the inspiration of “Eater of Worlds” I have always been a fan of Marvel’s Galactus – a god-like character known as the eater of worlds. He operates without regard to morality and judgments; simply moving from world to world and devouring planets to sustain his energy. For me, the phrase, the character, conveys a life of depression; of someone who has no place, isn’t loved, is an outcast. Whenever a phrase strikes me like that, like ‘eater of worlds’ does, I make a note of it…  I knew immediately it had to be a story of mental abuse and depression and what better than to use a quote from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for inspiration: “I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and the rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.” Once we had the chorus figured out, the story wrote itself.”

I am already a huge fan of the track and accompanying video. The video really drives home the message of the track portraying the deep nature of the lyrics within the song. Not to mention it is catchy as hell! I had a chance to see some of the behind the scenes videos where they actually wrapped one of the band members up in plastic and duct tape… talk about freaky! Given that all of the guys in ELAV are seasoned musicians, I expect nothing but amazing things out of these guys soon. I can surely guarantee you that you will catch me at a show if they route near me!

Give these guys a huge thumbs up on their Facebook page and keep an eye out for more updates coming from the Everyone Loves A Villain camp soon!

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