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Fair Do’s Debuts New Single, ‘1,000 Miles,’ Companion Video

Jan. 26 — Independent hardcore punk band Fair Do’s unveiled its new single and its companion video this week.

The band premiered its new single, ‘1,000 Miles‘ and its video Wednesday. The song opens with a vintage speed metal style guitar riff before turning to a more skate punk style approach and sound. Interestingly enough, the two styles and sounds are well balanced as opposite as they are of one another. The combination gives audiences hints of influences from the likes of Death By Stereo, Protest The Hero, and Propagandhi.

The press release announcing the premiere of the band’s new single and video did not make note of the song’s lyrical theme. The song’s video did not include lyrics. From what little can be deciphered sans lyrics, the song comes across as something of a deeply contemplative work.

The ‘1,000 Miles’ was recorded in the engine room of the Leigh Heritage Centre in Essex, England. The black and white video features the band in the clearly cold room as the band members’ breaths can be seen throughout the intensely energetic visualization.

More information on the new single and video from Fair Do’s is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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