Three-piece Canadian unit PRESSURES has returned with their all-new, hard-hitting video/track for “Time Bomb,” their second single of the year following the success of “Dark Glow.” The glitched-out track is an explosion of the group’s dynamic and intricate instrumentation, highlighting vocalist JD Meeboer’s prowess growls, and melodic delivery.

The group shares of “Time Bomb,” “The feeling of something toxic in your life pulling you down and clouding your mind, but at the same time feeling guilty and hopeless that this is the only path to take. The song takes you on a journey of what it would feel like to try to break away from a never-ending tug of war within yourself.”

Similarly to “Dark Glow,” the “Time Bomb” music video was filmed by Doug Meadows, while he also took on the mix of the track. The track was written by Jake Porterfield and Jesse Moreau, and mastered by Tyler Smyth.

Praise for Pressures:

“Intertwining clean and heavy vocals, the melodic hardcore group find the ideal middle ground between aggression and catchiness, as they perform in a neon-lit metropolis.” —Dusty Organ

“The remaining members of Pressures were inspired to continue to create music and touch down on tough topics.” —That Chick Krys

“The song balances weight and melody well, without having to give up aggressiveness…” —Roadie Metal

Listen To Time Bomb 


PRESSURES is a hyper rock band formed and based in Toronto, Canada in 2019. When PRESSURES began, the main objective was to bring attention to difficult subject matters as seen through the eyes of fictional characters that anyone could relate to. Throughout the writing and recording process, PRESSURES dealt with the loss of two former bandmates Kyle and JD, both being vocalists, whose stories were expressed throughout the music. With such a personal loss at the completion of PRESSURES debut EP Amaliia the band has been inspired to continue spreading the message of subject matters that are difficult.

PRESSURES Vocal Producer Wes Will had a key understanding of the sound and message as he worked closely with JD Meeboer. With Wes Will working so closely with PRESSURES, he has now joined the band and taken the lead role of vocalist. With this new lineup that now consists of Jake Porterfield, Jesse Moreau, Wes Will, and Kyle Adshade, PRESSURES aims to influence their audience globally in the form of high-energy performances, inspirational lyrics, along with a cyber aesthetic, and a story that will be everlasting.

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