Five Hundred Bucks Debuts New Album’s Latest Single

Courtesy: Earshot Media

April 12 — Independent punk rock band Five Hundred Bucks debuted the latest single from its forthcoming self-titled debut album this week.

The band premiered the album’s new single, ‘Animal’ Tuesday. The song is the record’s third single, behind the songs, ‘Spinal,’ and ‘S*** Shaped Heart.’ All three songs are available to stream here.

The musical arrangement featured in Five Hundred Bucks’ new single is a rich, driving work that at times, lends itself to comparison to works from Green Day, and at others to other punk bands.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the news release announcing the single’s premiere. However a comment about the album’s overall lyrical approach from front man Jeff Riddle gives a hint into the song’s theme.

“The record, on a whole, has an air of gleeful nihilism, or dare I even say optimistic nihilism to it, whatever the hell that means,” Riddle said. “There’s a lot of ‘I really want to give up or quit, but I don’t know what the hell else I would do so I might as well stick with it,’ which is a sentiment that I’ve felt when it comes to music or just even life in general.”

In other news, Five Hundred Bucks is scheduled to launch a tour in support of its new album May 4 in Richmond, VA. The band’s tour schedule is noted below.

Upcoming Shows:

Richmond, VA 5/4 @ Hot For Pizza

with Bashful and Dead Format

Charlotte, NC 5/5 @ Spoke Easy

with Paint Fumes, Comino, ACNE, and Dipstick

Atlanta, GA 5/6 @ The Earl

with Reconciler, New Junk City, and The Howdymen

Gainesville, FL 5/7 @ Loosey’s

with Reconciler, New Junk City, and The Howdymen

Pittsburgh, PA 5/14 @ Polish Hills Tennis Court

with Big Baby, Lizard Academy, Go. No. Go

Philadelphia, PA 7/19 @ Silk City

with Signals Midwest and Downhaul

More information on Five Hundred Bucks’ upcoming tour, its new album and single is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: