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Former Stuck Mojo Frontman Announces New Podcast

April 25 — Lord Nelson will launch a new podcast program this weekend.

Nelson, (a.k.a. Lloyd Nelson) will launch “Live and Loud With The Lord” at 8 p.m. Saturday through a partnership with The CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television. The podcast features Nelson talking with members of the hard rock, heavy metal and hip-hop communities, along with members of the entertainment community in general.

CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television CEO Chris Akin was excited as he talked about Nelson’s new podcast.

“I remember when Lord Nelson joined Stuck Mojo,” he said. “He was billed by Rich Ward as a “larger than life” figure, and he delivered in every way. As a videocaster, Lord does great interviews, and does them in a way that is all his own. He brings the same passion and energy to his show as he has for decades to his music. This really was a no brainer for us to add Live & Loud With The Lord to our broadcast schedules.”

Nelson shared Akin’s enthusiasm.

“It is my extreme pleasure to be added to The CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television,” he said. ““I feel the family vibe already and I’m excited beyond words to bring the great viewers and listeners a show that entertains as well as informs and educates. I hope my love for music embraces you and allows you to escape your world for a few moments mentally and physically. Thank you for your precious time.”

“Live & Loud With The Lord” will join the likes of “The Classic Metal Show,” “Chris Akin Presents…,” and “Talking Into Infinity” on the outlets’ programming offerings. Audiences can take in episodes of The CMS Network here and watch Heavy Metal Television here.

Lord Nelson worked with Stuck Mojo from 2006-2009. He recorded the album, Southern Born Killers and The Great Revival as a member of the band. He released his album, FightMy Struggle Between Heaven and Hell in 2012. Most recently he released his record, The Fire Starters, with his band, Plastic Catastrophe Featuring Lord Nelson.

More information on Lord Nelson’s new podcast is available along with all of his latest news at https://www.facebook.com/lordnelsonnation.

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