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Grave Digger Debuts New LP’s Lead Single, ‘Hell Is My Purgatory’,’ Video

May 20 — Grave Digger gave audiences their first taste of its new album this weekend.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Hell Is My Purgatory,’ and its companion video. The pair is the first from the band’s forthcoming album, Symbol of Eternity, which is scheduled for release Aug. 26 through Rock of Angels Records.

The musical arrangement featured in Grave Digger’s new single is everything that audiences have come to expect from the band throughout its career. Front man Chris Boltendahl’s vocals are just as powerful as ever throughout. The rich bass line that serves as the foundation for the song’s intro pairs just as well with the guitar line before it takes the lead. The time keeping is just as solid in its own right, adding just enough flourish with the occasional cymbal flourishes and drum fills. The whole of the quartet’s work fully succeeds, sounding so bombastic, like something that one might expect to hear from a much larger group.

The lyrical theme featured in the song is apparently a story about Knight’s Templar Grand Master Hugo De Payens, who died in 1136 A.D. The details of his death are unknown. He is most well-known for establishing what is known as the Latin Rule, which is the order’s code of conduct.

The video for the song imagines the circumstances of De Payens’ death. As is noted in its opening moments, it was rumored that De Payens worshipped the devil despite being part of a group that was said to be of such strong Christian beliefs. The devil, in this case, is a woman, and De Payens’ fate, according to the video, was not good.

Pre-orders and pre-saves for Grave Digger’s new album are open. The album will release separately on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below.

Digipack CD Limited 2CD Mediabook (CD 2: Live at Metal Hammer Paradise)

Red transparent / Gold Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)

Purple / Golden / White Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)

Sun Yellow / Golden / White / Red Splatter Vinyl (LTD. 300)

Picture Disc (LTD. 300)

Gold Vinyl (LTD. 300)

Black Vinyl (LTD. 300)

Super limited to 500 copies collector’s hardcover boxset that includes: the limited 2CD mediabook, Flag 115 x 75 cm, armband with metallic 3D emblem, A3 poster, signed autograph card and certificate of authenticity!

In addition, the new album will release through three exclusive, limited vinyl pressings, which are also noted below.

Ocean Blue Vinyl (LTD. 100) — exclusive

Orange Vinyl (LTD. 300) — EMP exclusive

Violet Vinyl (LTD. 100) – Napalm Records exclusive

Symbol of Eternity‘s track listing is noted below.

TRACK LIST (CD 1 –Digipack Version-):
1.  The Siege of Akkon
2.  Battle Cry
3.  Hell is my Purgatory
4.  King of the Kings
5.  Symbol of Eternity
6.  Saladin
7.  Nights of Jerusalem
8.  Heart of a Warrior
9.  Grace of God
10.  Sky of Swords
11.  Holy Warfare
12.  The Last Crusade
13.  Hellas Hellas

TRACKLIST (CD 2 -Live at Metal Hammer Paradise / Mediabook version-):
1.  The Clansman`s Journey
2.  Healed by Metal
3.  The clans will rise again
4.  Lawbreaker
5.  The Roundtable
6.  The Curse of Jacques
7.  Season of the Witch
8.  Excalibur
9.  Rebellion
10.  Witch Hunter
11.  Heavy Metal Breakdown

Symbol of Eternity was produced by Chris Boltendahl and Axel Ritt. Boltendahl also mixed and mastered the record. More information on the album is available along with all of Grave Digger’s latest news at:





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