Immerser Debuts Tribute To 90s Rock With New Single, Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

June 21 — Independent rock act Immerser debuted its new single and video this month.

The act, the brainchild of John Logan Parsons III, debuted its new single, ‘Blame’ and its video June 6. The single is available to stream and download through SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon.

The musical arrangement features a sound that will take listeners right back to the grunge and garage rock sounds of the 1990s, which is what Parsons’ intent was, according to a statement that he released about the song.

“‘Blame’ is the product of channeling all the angst and grunge of the 90s,” he said. “It’s a reminder of a time when we could say what we wanted, do what we wanted, think what we wanted. An era when authentic art and music were at the forefront. Be whatever you are as long as it’s real. With this song I’m calling for a resurgence of authenticity!”

The video for the song features the song’s lyrics over various random images as the song plays over the visualization.

More information on Immerser’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at: