In Real Life Interview

In Real Life Interview


◊ KW: Thanks Guys for Taking The Time Out Your Busy Schedule to sit down and chat with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine.

All Members: No Problem.


  ◊ KW: Introduce Members of In Real Life.

Brady Tutton: My name is Brandy Tutton. I am fifteen. I’m from Shorewood Wisconsin.

Drew Ramos: I’m Drew. I’m Twenty Years Old  I’m a  Dropout KW:(Not Encouraged). I’m from The Bronx,  New York.

Chance Perez: My Names Chance Perez. I am twenty Years Old from Seal Beach, California.

Sergio Calderon: I’m Sergio Calderon,   Seventeen Years Old   from Redwood City, California.

Michael Conor: My name is Michael Conor, 18 Years old from Cleveland,Ohio.

 Chance Perez: Mike you wanna go? No? OK I”ll go then. Before I was on oh ok go Michael. smile

Michael: got an Instagram Dm from a casting producer asking me. Say that she was looking for talented young males artists I was kinda skeptical about it and I  ignored it for like a day or two and then the next, when the time came  I reached back out to her and I like asked her some questions and like she said something about a show like making a Boy Band and i was like well that’s weird i’m a rapper how was that going to  work.  I came out to the audition in L.A and the rest is history.

Chance Perez: This is Chance. Before the show I was an EMT well registered I wasn’t actually hired yet I was right in the middle of interview processes. And  I found out about the show from a casting agent and i wasn’t going to do the show at first because i have a two year old daughter so I wanted to be financially stable for her and that kind of sh*t can be finicky and you don’t know if it will always work out, but  my friend from high school convinced me to do it saying if you don’t  make it then it was a fun summer and you got a little bit of t.v  exposure and if you do make it all the way threw then your life is gonna change so i went for it and made it out with these guys and were doing us in real life.


◊ KW: What was it like to be Judged By Nick Carter, Timberland and Rita Ora?

Brady:  I feel like for all of us it was really scary, you know, because you’re walking on stage and the legends and you look at these people, you know, I got to sing to these people, but as the show went on, you know, we went from performing for them to performing onstage with them, which was, during the finale so  I feel like  it was really cool to see that that relationship evolve and to be standing up there on stage with them and thinking back to a time when I was scared to even perform in front of them. It’s just, it’s funny to me.

Chance Perez:  When I auditioned in signing up for the first time, I’m doing  I think somebody to love by queen. And I remember like the first five seconds and like the last three seconds, everything else in between that was just like completely blank. I was so nervous and as time went on to the show, we got more comfortable with the judges. We have to talk to them a little bit, like off camera and stuff to see who they are. They just, they really cool people and there really genuinely cares about making a great band. And it was really nice and really encouraging to all of us. So Yeah, it was a great experience and they’re great people.

Drew Ramos:  Yes, it’s drew.  for me, like I was like, oh, it, I always have nerves.  Going into competition shows like I didn’t make it because I was like super nervous thinking to the actual audition to do it in front of the judges. And I was nervous like crazy. Like like I remember specifically right after the audition I went somewhere during the actual super nervous but like it was more after the audition, like hearing what they had to say. Like my face is shaking. Like I was completely like freaking out. And like now my voice has developed warmer , like that wouldn’t happen. But as it did happen though, I was freaking out .

Sergio Calderon: Yea this is Sergio it was really cool being able to, a sing in front of them like the whole summer, they were really as everybody knows they huge stars and, they had a lot to say to us and our relationship with them, but we got closer as the show went on. It was really cool because at one point we had an interview with like a bunch of, like ABC executives. the top eight guys. And then the judges just, just celebrating the end of the end of the show because we had like a week or two left. And  I remember just sitting in a table with Nick Carter , he was telling us about just like cool stories of when he was in  Backstreet Boys And,  it was really not bad performing in front of them and to get advice from them because they definitely had careers.

Michael Conor: This is Michael and for me it was just really cool. Like during the first audition, being in the presence of people like that. And like, especially for me, Timberland was one of my big influences growing up and getting into rap and hip hop scene. Just the fact that he’s worked with people like forRal and Jay Z and Kanye, it was like I wanted to make sure to show him like my potential and like Sergio was talking about when we were at the dinner, it was hearing the stories about him working on Jay z’s album and Kanye and it was just a really surreal experience to be talking to someone that I’ve looked up to for so long.

◊ KW: What Boy Band do you guys look up to?

All Members: One Direction.

KW: Tell us about Eyes Closed?

Brady Tutton: The song  was written by Justin Tranter  and, we are a big fan of that song because of the message, you know, if we think it really represents our, our beliefs in the band, you know, it’s always about, it’s all about empowering women and about loving women for their personality and their beliefs and how smart they are as opposed to they’re  parents, which kind of an outdated concept somewhere or happy to update that. And then some where we’re strong believers in the message.  

◊ KW: Hot Seat Questions

◊ KW: One Direction or Back Street Boys

All Members: One Direction


◊ KW: Starbucks or Mcdonalds

All Members Except Sergio:  Mcdonalds 

◊ KW: Pizza or Steak

Pizza and Steak.

◊ KW: Pop Or Mainstream Music

All Members: Pop Music

◊KW: What  was your experience like  at Jingle Ball 2017?

Brady: They’re really fun and, we also just released a Christmas EP, so always fun to be able to perform those songs because to they have  a lot of sentimental value to us because some of the first stuff we recorded with this band, so always really fun.


◊KW: How old are you guys and does that help you learn to mature in the Music Industry?

Brady Tutton: Are Ages range from 15 to 20. So I’m, We’re able to bring a lot of different types of demographics and also were able to make music that’s mature. So it’s fun to have a lot of variance in our music.


◊KW: How do u manage going to school while being be In In real Life?

Michael Conor: It’s a kind of difficult to  leave it outside with a  hectic schedule that we have a lot in the hard part is also like if we have a break, like there’s a high chance that might just be doing school because we won’t have another chance to do it. Yeah, it’s, it’s kind of difficult trying to manage the schedule and we’re still fairly new so I’m still getting into it and luckily I’m a senior so I have one more year. But Brady has quite some time,

Brady Tutton: It’s hard because the blended schedule for the day, they make it kind of in mind of the three dudes that aren’t in school. Like they’ll have like rehearsing for a while and they’d be like, well you get into our brain. They’re like, that’s super nice, but there is no other time to do homework. So our, break is our school time , so our break is our school time .


◊KW:  Are you working on upcoming music?

Chance Perez: This is Chance: We’ve been recording a lot of music of the past few months. We’ve been a band. We’ve been recording music and we’re really excited to release it. We’re working on a lot of new stuff. At least I think it shows a lot of who we are, the group and I mean Sergio speaks Spanish Michael can rap or you got a trained voice and I did a lot of different aspects to us, um, because a lot of who we are.


◊KW: What is it like living in a house together?

All Members: Big, loud, very loud. But it’s, you know, we uh, we usually stay in places that are large enough where we get to have a little bit of our-self time, which is always good. So it’s nice to be able to spend a lot of time together. But also sometimes when you’re relaxed and its nice to have a little bit of me time.


◊KW: Give a Message to your fans?

All Members: I mean, I just want to say like, we always just want to say thank you to  America because we are the only band. I think we’re the only band chosen by America. You know, they voted for us because they wanted us to, like, we’ll always be playing for them and they are the reason why we’re the group. So we always just want to say big thanks to everyone.


◊KW: Where to follow you guys at on social media?

All Members: You can follow us everywhere @in real life. And on Facebook  is @ in real life official.



◊KW: What do you miss most about home ?

Chance Perez: For me, my daughter Brooklyn I miss her all the time, especially when we travel since we go state to state, like literally every other week. So yeah I miss my daughter a lot.

Sergio Calderon: Yeah, just being home, it’s like a different mindset or to say like we have a best friend and a family that we see everyday. You know, I love hanging out with your best friends doing what you guys love traveling . Like just to say that I’ve missed just been home and hanging out with other people.

Brady Tutton: I miss my dog and my bed.

Drew Ramos: I miss my mom. 

Michael Conor: This is Michael.  I think I just really miss being with my family and just having, being able to like go and play basketball with my little brothers and stuff, you know, like when you’re on the road you don’t, you don’t really get to do that. So definitely  hard getting adjusted to, but it’s all worth it because this is awesome what we’re doing.


◊KW: You guys just released a music video for eyes closed. How was that for your first music video with all you guys together?

Sergio Calderon: Yeah, I mean we are meeting video on Graham. I mean, the jumbo screen, I can’t really think of anybody. Dad knows. All right. I remember that being like a dream, a dream come true . We were walking down the street and watching ourselves on screens all these fans following us . We had an ordinance for the turnout, what really got me and I actually like that, you know, we’re actually doing that. But  it was just a dream come true for all of us. 

Thanks Guys for Taking The Time Out Your Busy Schedule to sit down and chat with Mayhem Rockstar Magazine.

                                                ◊KW: Any last words?
All Members: thank you guys so much. And we were very thankful to our fans and we want to let you guys know we have a lot of music coming out  and so watch out for it.


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