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Indie Spotlight: Embers

Embers. The remnants of the fire that continue to burn. That refuse to die. That prevail, and glow, long after the flames subside. It’s also an apt moniker for the groundbreaking artist behind the forthcoming album: EMO SZN. Plenty of trends arrive hotter than hell and quickly turn to ash. But on Embers’ debut EMO SZN, the artist mines, illuminates, and transfigures only those elements of the last quarter century of pop music that have endured and maintained heat, rekindling them into a wide-ranging, genre-melding inferno that is at-once powerful, beautiful, vulnerable, courageous, and raw.

Embers is a new vessel. Yet, in a very real sense, EMO SZN is the consequence of a long, winding path of artistic evisceration and self-discovery: a death-defying career spent immersed in the trenches of the visual and performing arts. Perhaps this is why Embers is able to so deftly intertwine contrasts—beauty and darkness, aggression and melody, grit and real pathos, the organic and the synthesized—across his unique, affecting, sprawling soundscapes.

At a given moment Embers might conjure Nothing Nowhere, Machine Gun Kelly, JXDN, and Linkin Park and more—but it is always in atmospheric shades and doses, never imitation. Embers is not for the glitter underground. Lyrically, Embers surrenders cathartic anthems for the broken-yet-not-beaten; songs for the lost survivors; pulse-pounding tales from a minefield of emotion, zeroing in on your heart and hitting their target over and over and over again.

EMO SZN is a depth-charge for the wise, the wicked, and the weary. And Embers is here to burn.

Alternative Emo artist Embers has released his new EP, EMO SZN. The EP was written over the course of COVID, as Embers found himself dealing with the same mental health issues many of us had during lockdown. “I recorded EMO SZN over the course of a few months in my home studio when COVID had hit its peak,” explains Embers. “Having no work as the music industry was collapsing, I found myself dealing with a spiral in my mental health. I used these songs as a way to cope when I was struggling and I feel it’s a solid look into where my mindset was at the time. I hope people who have had the same struggles can relate to this album and find peace in my words and comfort in the empathy my music portrays.”

The EP was proceeded by lead single “Last Call”, a song about using vices to cope with grief. “After going through a rough breakup, sometimes numbing the pain is the best way to re-cleanse yourself. This was the first song I tracked as Embers and it came to me quickly. I recorded it in my home studio over COVID dwelling on loneliness and using this EP as an outlet. It all started here.”



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