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Indie Spotlight: Giant Fetus

Giant Fetus is somewhere between an academic philosopher and a sketchy vagrant, and sometimes both. Growing up split between privileged suburbia and ragged trailer parks due to joint custody, he has always felt kind of in the middle of everything. From playing in rock bands, living in a shed, to eventually publishing poetry with his University it is easy to find inspiration from all around. Giant Fetus is basically what happens when Sisyphus decides to keep pushing the boulder, but this time with some Beats by Dre!

Conway, SC hip-hop artist Giant Fetus has just dropped his latest single “Say What?“. The witty, lyrical track will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Tyler, the Creator, Denzel Curry, and Eminem.

Of the song, Giant Fetus says “Say What? is kind of a testament to who I am as an artist and who I am as a person. It has many different parts and feelings that all rush at you in a manic frenzy. It’s easy to get caught up in what we can guess is cool next, what we know is no longer important, and what other people think of what we do. This one is more of a reminder to really just be yourself and do what makes you feel good because nothing really matters!”

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