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Indie Spotlight: Half Dizzy

Half Dizzy is a Melodic Punk Rock band hailing from Long Island New York. They blend hard fast rhythms with technical melodies and harmonies to make a unique and aggressive punk sound. The band is made up of Dizzy Doll on vocals, Dan on guitar and vocals, Mitchell on guitar, Nick on drums, and Brett on bass. Dizzy has a unique and aggressive voice that compliments the band to create a one-of-a-kind melodic sound.

Half Dizzy Is:
Dizzy Doll- vocals
Dan- guitar/vocals
Mitchel- guitar
Brett- bass
Nick- drums

Long Island, NY punk act Half Dizzy has released their newest single, “Never Been Happier”. The track is their second single since being signed by Punkerton Records and precedes their upcoming 8-song EP titled Courtacy Flush (October 21st). It follows the lead single “Broken Down”, which was released on Sept 23rd.

Thematically, “Never Been Happier” is about getting out of a toxic relationship, and knowing you’ll be better alone than with someone who takes advantage of you. “We can feel trapped in a relationship and become complacent and comfortable because sometimes it feels better to be with someone than be alone,” says the band. “But if we push ourselves to get out of that relationship we’ll actually be better because of it. Sometimes we confuse being used for being loved, and those 2 are VERY different things.”

Along with the single, Half Dizzy has dropped a video for “Never Been Happier”. In a juxtaposition to the song, the band decided to release a less serious video. “We as a band know the importance of being serious when we need to be, but we also understand that humor and comedy are ways of working through trauma and stressful situations,” explains the band. “We love to fool around and lighten the mood with comedy, which is what this video is about. The message is very important and serious, but it’s delivered in a comedic way to help lighten the blow of what this song says.”



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