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Indie Spotlight: The Conduit

The Conduit is a math metal band from Orlando. Pioneering the shuffle-core genre with the 20-track EP; Icosahedral, an album that was intended to be played as one randomized song experience that seamlessly merges musical phrases even when played on shuffle, The sound is designed for listeners who desire complexity and a distinguished melodic profile. Most songs are comprised of Fibonacci rhythmic motives and meticulously head bang-able time signatures. Many songs are written with subliminal hypnotic scripts and include tempos that correspond with various planetary orbit speeds, most notably “Hiraeth” from the Abraxas Shrine album that corresponds with Jupiter’s orbit time. This was all written, performed, and engineered by Jeffrey Bobbin.

“Tripcode” is the first single in a series of planned singles. Lyrically, the song is about being true to yourself despite cultural influence. “It’s for people who feel alone because all their interactions feel the same and new ideas start to seem cliché if that makes sense,” explains Bobbin. “While writing it I had this strange feeling that I didn’t want people to infect me with their murky energy and negative thoughts, which I know is silly and I’m at risk of maybe sounding pretentious or elitist. I love people mostly, but lately, it seems like my hometown is isolated and closed off, everyone just speaks the same idea to not risk being a pariah and it feels like there’s no real connection, which ironically this song might inspire just that. No connection. It was more intended to elicit a sense of individualism. “

The track came at a time that The Conduit was gaining attention as the creator of Shuffle-Core. “As I was writing this song I had an album from 2016 go viral on Tik Tok, Icosahedral. I had a 17 second video explaining its concept, which is a 20-minute long song divided into 20 tracks, intended to be played on shuffle, so that it was listened to as one seamlessly randomized song. So I now call myself the pioneer of shuffle-core, a genre that’s optimal for Spotify engagement, because the stream-to-listener ratios are higher due to the fact that people have to listen to the full album on shuffle several times to verify that the concept works, and it doesn’t get old too fast because you’re never hearing the same song twice, unless you listen a billion times.

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