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John Corabi Debuts New Single, ‘Cosi Bella (So Beautiful),’ Companion Video

Aug. 30 — Former Dead Daisies front man John Corabi opened the new week with a new single and video.

Corabi debuted his new single, ‘Cosi Bella (So Beautiful)‘ and its companion video Monday. The mid-tempo semi-ballad style song was produced and co-written by famed guitarist Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue) in Nashville, TN.

The lyrical theme featured in the new song is, as Corabi sings right from the song’s outset, about a woman. In other words, it is a love song.

Corabi talked at length about the song during a recent interview.

“‘Cosi Bella’ came about from a writing session I did with Marti for The Dead Daisies’ ‘Burn It Down’ record,” said Corabi. “I had the initial verse idea, and a chorus that didn’t quite work for the tune. I played it for Marti, and he liked the idea but gave me a better idea for the chorus. We recorded the rough idea on my phone, with both of us just scatting the melody.”

Added Corabi, “The Daisies heard the idea but felt it didn’t quite fit their format, so I put it to bed for a bit. After leaving the band in 2019, I started to revisit old ideas I had and sat down and recorded the track. Being new to ProTools, I took the song as far as I could and sent it to Marti to produce. I explained the song was musically inspired to a degree by ‘Penny Lane’ by The Beatles and ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen, so Marti and his son Evan recut the drums and bass, and added some horns, and sprinkled their magical fairy dust on the track to give it that shiny polished sound!”

Corabi concluded, “I wrote the lyrics, and after singing the song, I felt ‘SO BEAUTIFUL’ was kind of an average title, so I looked those words up in a translation app and found it in Italian (Cosi Bella) and felt it had a nice ring to it! It’s not what some people truly expect from me, but I LOVE the way the song turned out, and it’s just a happy little upbeat love song with a twist! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

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