Kenny Dubman Debuts ‘Old Dog’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Feb. 14 — Independent rock artist Kenny Dubman is scheduled to release his new album, Conflicted, this spring.

The record is scheduled for release April 29. In anticipation, Dubman premiered the lyric video for the album’s single, ‘Old Dog’ Jan. 28. The video features footage of dogs at play and in various situations good and bad as the song plays over the visualization. The song’s lyrics are featured with the visuals.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Old Dog’ features a guest appearance by Blackberry Smoke front man/guitarist Charlie Starr on vocals. Speaking of Blackberry Smoke, this song’s arrangement lends itself easily to comparison to works from Blackberry Smoke, Black Stone Cherry, and other current southern rock acts.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Old Dog’ is interesting because on the surface it comes across as a work that chides people who mistreat dogs. On another hand though, the song’s chorus presents the song more as a message about people who have been around the block more than once. It states that it should be no surprise when those people who have put up with so much mistreatment lash back out at those who have mistreated them. This duality is certain to connect with any listener.

The track listing for Conflicted is noted below.

Track List:
1. Old Dog
2. Modern Day Jesus
3. Beautiful Like You
4. Robbing You Blind
5. Toeing the Line
6. You Belong
7. Stuck on Replay
8. Cruelest of Them All
9. Winter Wind
10. Pitiful Fool
11. For the Taking
12. Wool Over Your Eyes

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