Kulick Debuts New Album’s Title Track, Companion Video

Courtesy: ENCI Records

Jan. 28 — Independent singer-songwriter Kulick kicked off the weekend with the debut of the video for his latest single.

Kulick, (a.k.a. Jacob Kulick), debuted his new single, ‘Everyone I Know Will Die‘ and its video Friday. The song and its video are the second from Kulick’s new record by the same name. Kulick premiered the presentation’s lead single, ‘Time To Go,‘ and its video in September.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Everyone I Know’ is a catchy alt-rock composition. Alongside the song’s alt-rock leanings are touches of some pop punk and emo, too. The combination gives the arrangement a unique identity separate from Kulick’s existing works and from those of other acts similar to himself.

The song’s lyrical message is heavy, but ultimately meant to deliver a positive message, said Kulick.

“We are here until we aren’t, and that’s okay,” he said. It has to be. Make it worth your time. Spread love. Have gratitude. You are loved and you are strong, even in moments you may not feel it.”

The video for ‘Everyone I Know Will Die’ is meant to be a spoof of so many classic sitcoms. That includes an opening sequence that spoofs Family Ties. From there the video touches on shows, such as The Patty Duke Show and Leave It To Beaver.

Kulick’s new record is available now through ENCI Records. More information on Kulick’s new single and EP is available along with of all his latest news at: