Lazarus Clearwater Debuts New Single’s Video

Courtesy: Lazarus Clearwater

Jan. 8 — With the new year here once again it won’t be long before wedding season returns again, and independent singer-songwriter-musician Lazarus Clearwater has just the song for the season when it returns in June.

The song comes in the form of ‘Same Old Song.’ Clearwater recently debuted the song and its companion video late last year. The song is a light, upbeat composition that exhibits a fun, poppy vibe in its sound and stylistic approach. The arrangement presents influences (at least in the ears of this critic) of Barenaked Ladies and They Might Be Giants yet still boasts its own unique, fun identity.

Courtesy: Lazarus Clearwater

Lazarus said of the song’s arrangement that it was inspired by Harry Nillson’s ‘Marchin’ Down Broadway.’

“The first time I heard it I thought it was right up my alley,” Clearwater said. “I’m listening to the first verse, I can hear the song building sonically to a chorus. I recognize it’s more of a refrain than a chorus but it sounds like there’s going to be a big musical release after the refrain (That anticipation most people would associate with a bass drop). And then, right where there should’ve been a big climax, it completely pulls the rug out from under you. There’s no release, the music just starts to whimper out and that’s it… after just one minute, the song is done.

He added, “That experience both intrigued and frustrated me. Frustrated because I loved the song and I wanted there to be more of it. However, I was intrigued because I suddenly realized I could hear the rest of the song in my head, even though it didn’t exist. At least, what I thought the song was going to end up being had it not turned out to only be one minute long. It got stuck in my head so bad that I had to write and record it to make it stop. Once I finished it I made sure the release was double cathartic for both my song and Harry’s. That’s where my Little Richard screams come in and the music lets loose. Getting to do those screams into the break was the whole reason I wrote the song!

In closing, Clearwater said, “It’s pretty funny, when I show people both songs for the first time the response is almost always the same. There’s about 10 seconds of thinking I’ve completely plagiarized Harry Nilsson followed by three minutes of curious listening once they realize I’ve actually made my own song.

As to the song’s lyrical theme, Clearwater said the song is “A tongue-in-cheek ragtime commentary on weddings and how musicians are an afterthought. You can’t go wrong with the same old song people know and love.”

The video for Clearwater’s new single is a simple presentation. It features Clearwater performing his new song in a small studio space, with various video edits thrown in for effect to keep viewers engaged and entertained.

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