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Shinedown-Live Concert Photos+Show Review Of Shinedown at The Wiltern-01-28-2022-Los Angeles-California-By-Erica Vincent


Shinedown – 1/29/22 Los Angeles The Wiltern

I have seen Shinedown several times since the early 2000s, and they have come a long way since. There’s a lot of showmanship at a Shinedown show. The lighting and pyrotechnics, and air being punched repeatedly is something we have all missed with music. I was worried that the pyrotechnics would be amiss because this tour was mainly mid-sized indoor venues. Yet somehow, they managed to cram a stadium’s worth of production into their show still! HOWEVER, mega LED screens, lasers, and pyrotechnics are only a portion of what makes Shinedown one of my favorite bands to see live. 


The set opens with ‘Cut the Cord,’ and the unexpected concussive pyro catches everyone off guard. ‘If You Only Knew’ and ‘Diamond Eyes’ had pyrotechnics of various combinations; the heat and rumbling reached almost everyone in attendance. It is hard to pick who in the band to keep your eyes on. The charming and charismatic Brent Smith (Vocals) captures the audience with each word. Eric Bass (Bass, Keys) times his jumps with the concussive blasts. Zach Myers (Guitar) is constantly on the move and never misses a note. Barry Kerch (Drums) has one of the most massive energy levels behind the kit I have ever seen.


Like a fine wine, Shinedown is only getting better and better as time progresses. I’ve seen bands grow stagnant, and if you’ve seen them once, you aren’t missing anything the following tour. This is not Shinedown. The band is so energetic on stage and connects with the audience in a way I have only seen a couple of bands do successfully. One of my favorite parts of their shows that they have done for many years is the confident and charismatic frontman Brent Smith tells the audience to say hello to the person next to them and connect everyone. Usually, Brent would shake the hands of photographers, staff, and those on the front row, but with Covid, this was not an option this time around. 


Next up was the new single ‘Planet Zero.’ Brent tells the audience they had just spent the previous day filming the video for the new track in Joshua Tree. The new song is powerful, continuing some from earlier albums with society’s addiction and reliance on social media, which grows more accurate with each passing year.


The set is full of fan favorites such as ‘Enemies,’ ‘Devil, ‘Monsters,’ and many more. Brent directed the fans’ attention to their photographer/videographer Sanjay Parikh, instructing them to cheer. Sanjay was the judge of the level of excitement, determining if it was better than the previous night. It’s a fun little break in the song to get some excellent crowd footage and introduce a part of the crew that most don’t pay much mind. 


Shinedown concluded the enormous set with some of their biggest hits, ‘Second Chance,’ Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man,’ and the spectacular ‘Sound of Madness,’ leaving fans delighted and satisfied. Los Angeles had not seen Shinedown since Summer 2019, and we were so happy to have them back with us for an evening of ignitable fun.

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