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Lockjaw Premieres New Single, ‘Silence The Fear,’ Companion Video

Aug. 26 — Independent hard rock band Lockjaw premiered its new single and video this month.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Silence The Fear‘ and its video Aug. 6. The song’s musical arrangement is a composition whose heavy shredding, scathing vocal delivery style, bass and drums easily lends it to works from the likes of Machine Head, Amon Amarth, and Opeth.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the song’s premiere. However in listening to the song, it would seem that the song delivers a message of overcoming the mental and emotional obstacles that stand in our way each day. That includes the fears and self-doubt that enters our minds, as the song’s lyrics hint.

The video that accompanies ‘Silence The Fear’ is a simple presentation. It features the band performing its single on a darkened soundstage. Various camera angles and effects are used to heighten the effect of the song’s musical and lyrical content. Meanwhile an unidentified man sits bound to a chair, his face covered and his hands chained to the chair’s arms. He is the representation of those things holding a person back.

More information on Lockjaw’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at


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