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Lybica Premieres Double Single, ‘Palatial/Ferment’; Announces Upcoming Live Performance

April 28 — Hard rock collective Lybica, which features Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley on guitar, debuted a new double single this week.

The band premiered its double single, ‘Palatial/Ferment‘ Thursday. The songs are expected for inclusion in the band’s as yet untitled album, whose release date and other information is also under consideration.

Foley had the following to say of the songs.

“These tunes were two early ones that came together when we first started jamming, so it’s fitting that they’re the first songs we’re sharing with everyone. “I think they sum up what we’re all about, blending loud with soft, heavy with hooks.”

Both songs are full instrumental compositions. The ambient nature of the arrangements and their heaviness present elements of both post rock and post metal. At the same time, there is the most subtle element of melodic metalcore in ‘Palatial.’ The whole of the songs immediately lends them to comparison to early works from A Perfect Circle at the very least.

Lybica actually premiered the video for ‘Ferment’ Sept. 30. It features each of the band members — Joey Johson (guitar), Doug French (bass), Chris Lane (drums), and Foley on guitar — recording their parts to the song separately. One has to assume that is because the COVID-19 pandemic forced the song to be recorded as such at the time.

The video for ‘Palatial,’ which premiered Thursday,’ features the band together on a sound stage, performing its new single. That footage is blended with the visual of a skull being overwhelmed by red smoke.

In other news, Lybica is scheduled to perform live May 7 in Winter Park, FL.

More information on Lybica’s new double single, album, and concert is available along with all of the band’s latest news at


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