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Master Boot Record Announces New Album Details; Debuts Album’s Lead Single

March 10 — Industrial metal act Master Boot Record is scheduled to release its latest album this spring.

Personal Computer is scheduled for release May 13 through Metal Blade Records. It will come more than two years after the release of the act’s then latest album, Floppy Disk Overdrive, which was also released through Metal Blade Records.

In anticipation of the record’s release, Master Boot Record, the brainchild of Victor Love, has released the new album’s lead single, ‘80486DX‘ Thursday. The fully instrumental composition is everything that audiences have come to expect from the mysterious electronic act. The 80s synth wave influences are just as evident as ever, as are the dark synth wave sounds and midi musical sound. Even with the familiar sound and stylistic approach, the single boasts its own identity separate from that of the act’s existing songs.

Personal Computer will release on a variety of platforms, all of which are noted below along with the album’s track listing.

PERSONAL COMPUTER will be available on all digital streaming platforms, CD, and double gatefold LP in the following variants:
-180g black
-bloody red marble – limited to 300 copies (EU Exclusive)
-grey marble – limited to 200 copies (EU Exclusive)
-purple marble (US Exclusive)
-lime marble (US Exclusive)

1. 8086 – 5:05
2. 80186 – 8:53
3. 80286 – 5:46
4. 80386 – 6:30
5. 80386SX – 6:28
6. 80486 – 5:08
7. 80486DX – 4:32
8. 80486SX – 7:14
9. 80586 – 7:16
10. 80686 – 7:29

More information on the album is available online along with all of Master Boot Record’s latest news at:



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