Master Boot Record’s Latest LP Is Sure To Be A “Personal” Favorite For Many Audiences

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Electronic music act Master Boot Record is scheduled to release its new album, Personal Computer Friday through Metal Blade Records.  The brainchild of Victor Love, the record will come less than two years after the release of the then latest MBR record, which was the soundtrack to the video game, Virtuaverse.  This latest offering from Love is another strong record from beginning to end.  Its two current singles, ‘80836’ and ‘80486DX’.  They are just two of the songs that serve to show what makes the album worth hearing.  ‘80386,’ which comes early in the album’s run, is another example of the album’s strength and will be discussed shortly.  ‘80486,’ which comes just past the album’s midpoint, is another example of what audiences have to anticipate in hearing the album.  It will be examined a little later.  ‘80686,’ the album’s finale is yet another example of the album’s strength and will also be examined later.  Each song noted here does its own share to make Personal Computer worth hearing.  When they are considered along with the album’s singles and other entries, the whole of that content makes the album yet another of the best of this year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

Personal Computer, the forthcoming latest album from Victor Love’s Master Boot Record project, is an enjoyable addition to his catalog under that moniker.  As noted, each of its singles does well to make that clear.  They are just part of what makes the album worth hearing.  ‘80386,’ which comes early in the album’s run, is another notable addition to the record.  The composition stands out because while it bears all of the stylistic trademarks of the songs featured in the Virtuaverse soundtrack (and much of Love’s MBR catalog), there are some unique touches added to the song.  The unique touch to this composition comes in the more melodic approach that Love takes.  Instead of the heavier compositions that he uses at points throughout the album, this one incorporates more synthesized strings and general melody.  In all honestly, one could even argue that some of the chromatic runs that Love uses in the “verse” sections almost have a power metal style approach.  Yes, there is some heaviness in the bridge, but for the most part, this song boasts more of a melodic approach along with that almost power metal approach.  Taking that blend of styles into account, it makes the composition in whole its own unique addition to the album that is just one of the record’s notable entries.  ‘80486,’ which comes just past the album’s midpoint, is another of the record’s high points.

‘80486’ also boasts its own unique touch even with the familiar electronic approach.  In the case of this song, it opens with an approach with an almost goth type approach.  Listeners familiar with said genre can easily place the organ type arrangement in those opening bars, that are a perfect fit for any goth composition.  The chromatic run in the song’s bridge adds even more to that goth sense, what with it being played in minor key to boot.  That element, paired with Love’s familiar electronic leaning, makes the song in whole a work that is wholly unique of the album’s other entries and another example of what makes Personal Computer another engaging and entertaining offering from Master Boot Record.

‘80686,’ the album’s closer, is yet another composition that stands out in this record.  The song opens with what is meant to be a harpsichord, giving the song a distinct classical approach in its opening bars.  The simple, subdued approach, which leads into a much heavier sound as the song progresses.  The thing is that the classical influence continues throughout the song as it continues, building on what audiences get in the opening bars, making for even more engagement and entertainment.  What audiences get is a deeply moving finale for Love’s new album that gives it one last welcome accent on its way out.  When it is considered with the other songs examined here, as well as with the album’s singles and other songs, the whole of that content makes Personal Computer another successful outing for Love that metal fans and those of electronic music alike will appreciate.

Personal Computer, the latest studio recording from Master Boot Record, is another strong offering from its creator, Victor Love.  That is proven from beginning to end, as its singles have already shown.  The songs examined here do just as well to make that clear, too.  When all of that content is considered along with the rest of the album’s entries, the whole makes Personal Computer a work that is sure to be a personal favorite for many audiences.

Personal Computer is available now. More information on the album is available online along with all of Master Boot Record’s latest news at: