Mickey Leigh Announces New Album Details, Debuts New Single

Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records

Nov. 26 — Musician/author Mickey Leigh and his band mates in Mutated Music will release their new album this winter.

The band is scheduled to release its new album, Variants of Vibe Feb. 18 through Wicked Cool Records. In anticipation of the record’s release, the band debuted the record’s latest single Friday in the form of ‘No Fun.’ The song is the record’s seventh single. Audiences can check out all seven of the record’s singles and pre-save/pre-order the album now here.

Leigh talked about the group’s new single in a prepared statement.

“It’s not uncommon for songwriters to steal bits and pieces from either their musical contemporaries or past influences,” said Leigh. “Not that I’m a big fan of his, but I decided to steal a line written by an old Roman Emperor. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” = I came, I saw, I conquered,” said Julius Caesar. The Queens (NY) interpretation – or, at least, mine – is: I came, I saw, you’re no fun anymore. Whatever it might be: if you realized something was a danger to you and left it behind -before it kicked yours – fair to say you “conquered” it. In this song, it’s a healthy conquering. You came and saw it was time to conquer that demon. Don’t sue me, Caesar!”

In regards to the album, Leigh had the following to say:

“Like every organic entity, music is perpetually re-adapting itself in order to survive = mutating. As we know, things we create also variate as they mutate. Mutated Music is what we are. Our new album presents a Variant of Vibe. This may sound complicated, but, it’s only rock n roll. and we love it and don’t want to see it become extinct! Mutated Music = Rescuing Rock ‘n Roll, One Song At a Time.”

The musical arrangement featured in Leigh and company’s new single is a direct throw back to the rock and pop rock songs that formed the foundation of today’s rock industry. There are hints of The Who here as well as influences from Huey Lewis & The News. Yes, it seems like quite the contradiction of sounds, but it is there and it works well here.

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