Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music Debuts New Single, ‘Standing In The Dark’

Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records

Jan. 14 — Musician/author Mickey Leigh and his band mates in Mutated Music debuted their latest single this week.

The group debuted the new single, ‘Standing in the Dark‘ Thursday. The song is the latest single from the group’s forthcoming album, Variants of Vibe, which is scheduled for release Feb. 18. ‘Standing in the Dark is the eighth (yes, eighth) single from the 14-song record. Audiences can pre-order the album here.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Standing in the Dark’ is an instantly infectious composition. The upbeat tempo and harmonies immediately lend themselves to comparison to some of the best works from Tom Petty. At the same time, the song manages to maintain its own identity along the way.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing its debut. No lyrics are provided with the song on YouTube, either. What can be inferred from what can be deciphered without lyrics is that the song’s lyrical theme seems to focus on someone trying to find direction in life. That is just this critic’s interpretation.

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