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Museum Of Light Signs New Record Deal; Announces New Album Details; Debuts Album’s Lead Single

April 7 — Rock band Museum of Light has a lot to look forward to this year.

The band recently signed a new record deal with independent record label Spartan Records. The new deal will see the band release its new album, Horizons, through the label June 10. In anticipation of the record’s release, the band premiered the album’s lead single, ‘Soft Openings‘ Thursday through Decibel.

Courtesy: Spartan Records

The rich, sonic painting that the trio paints with its new almost entirely instrumental track (there are some random vocals in the mix) is a fully immersive presentation. Audiences will hear influence from Soundgarden in a unique composition. Ironically, this band, like Soundgarden, is also from Seattle, Washington, the home of grunge.

Front man Ted Alvarez talked about the blend of heavy and ambient sounds in the song’s arrangement.

“Those would seem to be incompatible, but the more we played, the more we realized those two things could mesh, and could be incredibly appealing to us,” he said. “For us, both are coming from places of joy, pleasure, and serenity as opposed to anger or rage. Don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of wonderful aggressive music that comes from those places. But there sure is a lot of it already. This stuff should be a release to listen to and certainly to play, and that’s ultimately a positive vibe.”

More information on Museum of Light’s new single, album, and record deal is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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