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Nightwatchers Addresses Divisive French Domestic Policy In New Single

Sept. 3 — Independent French punk band Nightwatchers is taking on a specific policy from its nation’s government in its new single.

The band premiered its new single, ‘Their Turn Trying To Rule The World‘ Friday through Lovely Records. The song is featured in the band’s new album, Common Crusades, which is scheduled for release Oct. 8 through Lovely Records.

The song’s musical arrangement puts forth a pure, vintage punk sound that immediately lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of the Sex Pistols. That is due in part to the general sound and stylistic approach taken in the song and also to the song’s production.

The lyrical theme featured in the band’s new song is a political commentary on a specific policy that has been a sharp point of debate for months across France. According to research, the legislation centers on the issue of alleged religious discrimination against Muslims living in France.

Front man Julien Virgos addressed that matter and its connection to the song in a recent interview.

“Their Turn Trying to Rule the World” tackles the Senate report that inspired the brand new French law against “Islamist separatism”. said Virgos. “The existence of a separatist political project is presented as a fact, without any scientific proof.”

More information on Nightwatchers’ new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:





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