Oceanhoarse Debuts Album’s “Bonus” Track

Courtesy: Noble Demon

March 25 — Oceanhoarse kicked off the weekend by debuting a “new” single and video.

The band premiered its single, ‘Fading Neons‘ Friday along with a companion lyric video. The song was recorded during the sessions for its new album, Dead Reckoning, which was released Aug. 20 through Noble Demon.

The band talked about the previously unreleased song in a prepared statement.

“Before the new album, we’ve wanted to release this gem from the archives that we recorded as a special bonus track during the ‘Dead Reckoning’ sessions,” the statement reads.”‘Fading Neons’ was one of the first songs we wrote when we started the band – and it’s also proven to be one of the most popular ones, thanks to the Wreckfest soundtrack! We have played it on our shows frequently and it’s always been a blast – so we figured we should record the new, heavier live arrangement that we have developed over the last few years and make this new version rock even harder than the old one!”

The musical arrangement featured in the song is a high-energy composition. The blend of the vocals that are half sung-half screamed conjure thoughts of those of Annihilator front man Jeff Waters. The instrumentation meanwhile is a solid modern rock presentation. The whole makes the song an easy fit for any modern/active rock radio programmer’s play list.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme was provided in the press release announcing its premiere. The lyrics featured in the video leave room for plenty of interpretation, too.

The lyric video presents the song’s lyrics on either side of a creature in a hot rod that is holding a skull. The visualization makes for its own share of interest.

While ‘Fading Neons’ was not featured in Oceanhoarse’s new album, the record produced five singles: ‘Fields of Severed Dreams,’ ‘From Hell To Oblivion,’ ‘The Damage,’ ‘Reaching Skywards,’ and ‘One With The Gun.’

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