Oceanhoarse Debuts Video For New Single, ‘Brick’ Announces Early Details For New Album

Courtesy: O'Donnell Media Group

Jan. 13 — Hard rock band Oceanhoarse is set to release its latest album this year, and in anticipation of its release, premiered the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Brick’ Friday.

The single is featured in the band’s forthcoming album, Heads Will Roll, which is scheduled for release Feb. 17 through Noble Demon Records. The record’s track listing is noted below. The record’s release will come a year after the release of the band’s debut album, Dead Reckoning, which was also released through Noble Demon.

Heads Will Roll Tracklist reads as follows:

01. Fall Like Dominoes

02. Help Is On The Way

03. Pryopen

04. Brick

05. Smoke Signals

06. Waves

07. Dead Zone

08. Heads Will Roll

09. Adrift

10. Nails

11. Carved in Stone

The video for ‘Brick’ is a relatively straight forward presentation. It features footage of the band on stage and out and about during its tour stops as the musically intense song plays alongside the visualization.

The musical arrangement featured in the new single is an intense thrash style composition that, according to guitarist Ben Varon, is comparable to early works from Megadeth.

“‘Brick’ is what it sounds like to lose your sanity,” Caron said. “This is the musical equivalent to a high-speed chase, or a 2-minute 45-second long nightmare. The main riff actually started as this crazy c-part of another song, but then we thought, “why not just build a whole song around this fucked up riff?!” I can definitely hear the influence of late 80’s Megadeth here. Helmets on boys and girls!”

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the debut of the new video. Lyrics were not provided with the video, either, leaving interpretation up in the air.

In other news, Oceanhoarse is scheduled to perform live Jan. 21 at Seinajoki, Finland in support of its new music.

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